Room Lighting notification when Disable

I would like to know if there's a way to get notified when one of my room lighting app is disable.

I have a room lighting app that turn on my living room light when motion is detected and turn it off after no motion for a set amount of time. Then a button to disable that app when we want to stay in the dark for a movie.

But then when the light doesn't turn on the next day I get insult from family because the automation is not working... even if I did explain the process to reactivate it...

So if I could get notified or have a led strip lite when the app is disable would help a lot.


For the led strip to light up, you could just create a basic rule. When the button is pushed to disable Room Lighting, a separate rule could also have that button turn on a light to a certain color.

There are also other ways of potentially automating this process. If your TV is in Hubitat, you could define a rule that any time the TV turns off, it reactivates the Room Lighting instance. You could also just set a basic rule to turn it back on at 3AM or some other time most folks are sleeping. If you have a good night rule (or something similar), just have the Room Lighting app be turn back on via that process.

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Thank you, I was over thinking all of this and yes using the same trigger in another rule is perfect.