Room Lighting not adhering to Time Period

Like the subject says; my log shows the Hallway lighting running "Night" instead of "Overnight"

Am I using this incorrectly? It seems to work this way in my other instances.

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Are you trying to get it to NOT turn on for overnight and day? If that's the case I would just uncheck the "ACT" box for those two, and leave the Switch set to ON. Doing that, if someone does turn it on manually, the RL could still deactivate it when motion goes inactive so it doesn't run all day/night.

Possibly the way you have it setup is confusing the logic of the app.

See if that helps and report back :slight_smile:

I tried as you suggested, unclicking ACT, and the lights still activate in the OVERNIGHT time period, and logs report after 11PM as NIGHT. As before they correctly do not activate in the daytime light period.

This is an issue with the hub using the correct time period. After 11PM should be OVERNIGHT, not NIGHT. Am I using time periods incorrectly?

It looks correct. Have you tried looking at the RL during the overnight period on the main page to see which period it thinks it is in?

You can also press the gear in the top right and go to the bottom, look at the schedule jobs. See if that looks right.

I think there may be a bug with the time logic. I changed my OVERNIGHT time period from 12:00AM to 12:01AM and it is now working as expected. 12:00AM does not seem to be recognized and the program skips over the time period.

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