Room Lighting Not Active

I have been having issues with room lighting since moving to it. I set up the room lighting and selected "as per table" as the activity indicator, But it goes inactive after a few seconds which means I cannot rely on it enough to use the activator as an indicator in rules. This seems to happen for all room lighting. I did notice that different brands of bulbs snap to different points when selecting temperature, so I make sure to change the temp to match what it snaps to. But this has not helped. You can see from this screenshot it matches the table but does not show active. Has anybody had a similar issue?

Do you need to specifically know that every device in the table is at the exact settings or just if the RL has been activated or not? If you remove that Indicator option the RL will become active when you activate it and inactive when you turn it off.

Yes, I have different light levels for the same set of lights for different uses of the room. I have been finding it hard to turn things off as they think they are already off, and I am still using virtual devices to control them where I think I should just be able to use the activator.

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