Room lighting motion question

I've got a pretty simple rule that turns my garage lights on.

The problem I have, is that for whatever reason the motion sensor does not always trigger and because motion doesn't become inactive the light never turns off.

To get the light to turn on faster, I use a contact sensor. But the motion sensor can clearly see us when we walk out the door. It works most of the time.

How can I make this still work when the motion never becomes active first?

How about adding the contact sensor closed as a means to turn off? Or figure out why your motion sensor doesn't always sense?

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Because I close doors behind me when I go through them.

That would be ideal. But what could also work is a way to say "turn off if no motion is detected for 5 minutes". Basically "wait for motion with a timeout". RM will let you set a timeout period when you select to wait for a motion event.

But I think I just figured out a workaround anyway. I added elapsed time as a means to turn off. There is a toggle so you can set it as X time since the last activation event.


You could also add a elapsed time option, That will turn them off after some amount of time after the last activation event.


this answers a couple of questions of mine but can you tell me does the

"limit activation under these ..
dont activate when illuminance.."

also disable contact sensor activation? or does anyone know of a way to have the illuminance restriction only affect the motion and maybe the door activation but not a couple of buttons or switches. Or do I need to keep running the button apps and room lighting app

Not a big deal but I would like to add switch activations and then remove a couple of other apps to keep things neater and less apps running


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