Room Lighting - Means to Activate a Second (Separate) Automation

Hi All - Long time user here, don't post much.

Not having any issues, but I am looking to see if I can automate the following scenario with JUST the room lighting app. Currently, I am using Room Lighting + Rule machine to do the following:

Full Bathroom - 2 Motion Sensors.
1 motion sensor is under the vanity (feet trigger motion)
2nd motion sensor is on the top corner shelf of the shower/tub (away from direct water)

When the 1st motion sensor becomes active, it turns on the vanity lights per mode, turns them off when motions stops after some time. Very simple, and this situation happens 95% of the time.

When the shower curtain is pulled back, indicating someone is taking a shower, the 2nd Motion Sensor activates and turns the bathroom FAN on. We don't take showers often here since this is a spare bathroom. It's more for guests.

Under all conditions, motion inactive on both sensors turns off the vanity lights and fan.

Everything works fine as is, just wondering if there's a way to do this just in ROOM LIGHTING. As it stands right now, I can't figure that out because it's a 2nd mean to activate a switch.


Don't understand what you mean by this. Isn't the fan just a switch activated by motion, and turned off by both motions inactive? Isn't the only thing that RM is doing is turning on the fan?

I think your question is how can you use Room Lighting to turn on only the fan when the curtain is moved and not the vanity, while having the vanity turn on with the foot motion but not turn on the fan. I think you can but will have to use two Room Lighting rules each with a different trigger. But I would say that if you have it working the way you like with the mix of Room Lighting and your RM rule, why muck with it?

Yup, the only thing I'm using RM for is turning on the fan. I don't need to muck with it, just trying to clean up and simplify. I think I got my answer though:


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