Room Lighting - Limit Activation with AND'd Conditions

Apologies if this has been asked before. I just can't find it. I recently converted several RM rules over to Room Lighting to control my garage ceiling lighting. Mostly happy, but I can't find a way to Limit Activation the way I would like. Limit Activation seems to only be set to "OR" multiple conditions. I would like to limit activation if the garage door is open AND it is daytime (time between sunrise/sunset). What am missing or is there a different way to approach this?

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Checking back in on this. Are there any ideas, or help that can be provided? Thanks.

Without investigating this (at all)... My suggestion would be to setup an RM rule (or something similar) to turn a virtual switch on or off, triggered by the garage door, with restrictions on the sunset / sunrise. Then add the virtual switch into the Limit Activation settings of the Room Lighting rule. I expect you will want to include an additional rule to reset the virtual switch back to a known state, say at 10am each morning.... or whatever time you can be sure falls outside of sunset to sunrise.

I appreciate the feedback. That was one of my thoughts as well, but it kind of defeats the purpose. I was doing this all in RM to begin with and thought this would be a good opportunity to move room lighting control to the Room Lighting app. If I need to use external rules, I suppose I might as well just do it all in rules. This was my first attempt at using the Room Lighting app, so I am hoping I'm just missing something!

Me too... I understand (and appreciate) your willingness to post your thoughts and ideas on making this more easily accessed in Room Lighting.

Throwing this out there again. Looking for some help if at all possible.

Is this what you are looking for? I think the AND is implied here?

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That seems right to me.

IRRC I use something similar for some lighting I turn on via contact sensor during certain times.

Yup - one example, using a lock, but same idea:

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The examples with the sunrise/sunset is technically one condition, "between two times". I need to have two conditions, but both need to be true to limit activation. I can choose two conditions (or more) from the list, but these become OR'ed conditions. The example below will limit activation if either between sunset/sunrise OR the garage door is open. I need to limit activation only if between sunset/sunrise AND the garage door is open.

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I don't have a way to test your exact scenario. I thought these were ANDs but it would be nice to know for sure.

Can you turn on all logs, and run this app so we can see what is happening?

This is not how Room Lights conditions to limit activation work. If you need AND'd conditions, you would have to use an RM rule to do that, and probably set a Hub Variable to act as the stand in for both of those conditions holding.

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Same...glad this came up so I'm clear now. :slight_smile:


Ok, thanks for the confirmation and clearing it up, Bruce. Any chance this will be a future option for Room Lighting?

Very unlikely. The app is very complex already.

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