Room Lighting - kitchen lights [need help]

So I was actually awake this morning to witness my kitchen overhead lights come on during mode change from Night to Day. Upon mode change the overhead lights came on and have not shut off even when no motion is detected in the kitchen. This is not the intended behavior however I believe I know why it’s happening. Just not sure how to resolve it.

Here is the logs of my kitchen overhead lights.

Here is my rule:

So what I believe is happening is the light is activating based on the fact that illuminance is below 8000. However the intended action is only to turn on the light if BOTH motion AND illuminance are true. In this case it’s ignoring the motion state and activating just based on illumination and isn’t shutting them off until illumination goes above 8000.

Can you modify this portion


to include "don't activate when motion sensor is inactive"?

Thanks, I’m actually going to give this a shot and see what happens. This would still allow the lights to come on when lux drops.

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@bravenel is it possible to investigate changing the custom attribute to allow more then one device? In my scenario I have multiple motion sensors in a single room to capture motion?

I will look into that. I thought it was multiple devices...

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I see now that Custom Attribute uses multiple devices when used as a Means to Activate or Turn Off, but only a single device when used as a Condition to Limit. The reason for this is because of the complications of comparing multiple devices to determine if the condition is met or not. Rule Machine has this ability, but not Room Lights.

If you need multiple Custom Attribute devices it raises the additional complication of do you mean Any of them meet the condition, or All of them. So, to pull this off, you'd need an intermediary Hub Variable and a Rule Machine rule to set it. In Rule Machine you can deal with the Any/All issue, and Room Lights would only be concerned with the single Hub Variable for the condition.

I'm disinclined to introduce additional complexity into Room Lights for what is arguably an edge case, especially when you still have a way to do what you want by using a helper rule.

Understandable. Thank you.

My app will allow you to group multiple motion detectors into a single virtual device that you could use. It's configurable to allow you to define how many motion sensors need to have motion before the virtual updates.



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