Room Lighting how to question - override current lighting period level?

I recently started using Room lighting and I have an automation which fires after sunset to turn on a kitchen light. As the evening gets later I have a transition that dims that light. Its been working just as designed. However the other night I needed to adjust the light to full brightness, I manually made the change on the physical switch, the light was where I needed it, but about 5 seconds later it reverted to the current lighting period level. Is there a way to make the manual change stay in place for say 30 minutes and then revert? The automation is listed below:

Thanks in advance.

The way I do it is with this option:

Notice that Kitchen is the Activator Device. I use Siri to set the level of Kitchen to any level except the current one. This stops the automation from turning the lights off. Since the automation is Active, it won't re-activate the lights, so they don't change upon motion away from whatever level I told Siri to set. The only way they ever turn off after this, and for the automation to return to 'normal', is to manually turn it off -- for example telling Siri to turn off Kitchen.

My use situation is that in the evening, the kitchen lights are a bit too dim for cooking, so I tell Siri to set them as I want. Then, later just turn them off. When not cooking, the level is what I want. It's a compromise. My wife, who doesn't do automation stuff, learned easily that telling Siri to set the lights means they will stay on at that level, and she does that when she wants them to not turn off.

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Thanks for the information. It worked perfectly. I have to admit that I did read about the activator in the documentation, but I would not have put two and two together. Thanks again for your example.