Room Lighting how to over ride dimmer

I set this up thinking the Mode would over ride the last dimmer setting but it doesn't. If the dimmer was manually set say to 50% but the Mode is calling for 100%, the dimmer remains at 50%.
Here's what I have:

Add "activate even if already partially activated" as an "other activation option."

Thanks for the response!
Just tried this, it works but the lights come on in the previous state then change to the mode level.
I need a way to set the level with the switch off. If the level was set to 100% manually at the dimmer, then at night it would come on at 100% then dim to 25%. Kinda defeats the purpose of not being blinded in the middle of the night.

That gets into devices. The device has to support the "preset level" option and most don't. RL sends a setLevel command which will do what you see.

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It's a GE Enbrighten. In devices, under Preferences it has a "enable level pre-staging"
I enabled it and it seems to do the trick.
Thanks for your help

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Be careful with this option. It creates non-standard behavior: normally a "Set Level" will turn on a device that is off, but with this option, it won't. You'll need an explicit "On" command (this will just stage the level for the next time it is turned on).

If it works for you in this setup, great--but if you notice problems anywhere (like the device not turning on when it should), this is likely what's going on.

Hey Bert,
After looking at it further, the stage level doesn't vary with the mode, it's a fixed value.

So how do we get Hubitat to set the level with the switch off?

Disable the "Enable level prestaging" option. :slight_smile: (What a device does without this may vary; it's common to see a glimpse of the prevpisl level first.)

That being said, is this the problem you're noting? Do you actually have a different level set per mode? I only see one in your screenshot.

Right now, I just have a day and night mode. What happens is if it's night, when you turn the switch on it goes to the previous dimmer setting then transitions to the mode level. It causes a bright flash then quickly transitions to 25%. The bright flash and subsequent dimming are very disorienting at night.

That is just how some devices work, unfortunately; sometimes it could be the driver, but unless you can find (or write) another that works differently, it's likely what you'll have to work with. The prestaging option can help with some cases but can cause problems with apps that expect standard behavior, including Room Lighting, so it might not be a good idea (though certainly something you can try).

If I was smarter couldn't I send the switch a "pre stage level" command based on the mode level? It might still blink but at least the levels would match.

Does the driver offer such a command? (This was toyed with for a while, but most don't.) if so, you could do that by some means, but you'd need a Rule or custom app, not Room Lighting.

I have the same issue with my Bathroom dimmer, which is a Zooz Zen22. The workaround I came up with is crude but works for us. I set up a Basic Rule to turn the bathroom lights on at a time when it is night mode and after we are usually in bed. The rule then waits for a few seconds and turns the light off. If we wake up in the middle of the night and turn the bathroom light switch on it will come on to the dimmed level.




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