Room lighting automation suddenly stopped working. Why?

I have a simple automation in room lighting that turns on lights x min prior to sunset and turns them off at y time if not already turned off by something else.

It has been working flawlessly for over a year.
2 days ago it stopped working.
I have not changed or updated anything on the hub.
I have not added, revised or removed devices, apps or automations in a few weeks.

What would cause this to stop working and what should I do get it working again?

ETA: Pasted log below. From the bottom up:
The log only shows about the last 20 hours; pressing "Show More" does nothing.
Log says it checked at 11:59 pm last night and light was already turned off; it was not; I manually turned it off at 12:13 am.
The other two entries from 6:06 pm today are me making sure the light is connected to Hubitat.

ETA: HE is on

What make/model device is the (I assume) plug that isn't being controlled properly? Zigbee or Z-Wave?

Turning the plug on/off from its Device page works normally?

You could try enabling the option in RL to turn off the device even if it looks like the device is already off...that could help if your device isn't reporting status correctly/promptly. But probably better to figure out why it isn't working as it did previously.

2024-03-15 15_32_46-C8, C7, Hubs

It's a Jasco Z-wave 2x plug in dimmer.

And can you answer the question above that I asked?

Yes, works fine to turn on/off from device page.
Also works fine to turn on/off from the dashboard.


Post a screen shot of your RL automation using the plug.

Also confirm nothing went haywire w/your hub settings due to the DST change...on Settings>Hub Details is the time and your location correct?

Well, 5 minutes ago, after not firing on or off for 2 days, the automation suddenly fired.
I guess it has fixed itself?

Not sure it had anything to do with DST, as that happened Sat night to Sun am, and the rule fired fine Sun, Mon & Tues.

It stopped working Weds, I thought it was a one off, but then it did not work on Thurs (yesterday). Yesterday it had the opportunity to turn on the light (which it has daily) which it missed, so I also set things up so it could turn off the light (usually other things turn off the lights earlier). When it also missed that I decided it was not working properly and posted earlier this eve. I guess I should have waited before posting...

Since the plug is a Z-Wave device, you could do the shut-down dance to clear your Z-Wave radio if this comes up again:

  1. Shut down hub
  2. Pull hub power cord from wall
  3. Wait 30s
  4. Plug in again and let it boot up

Also - is anyone operating the plug manually?