Room Lighting App rule error

I created a rule using the Room Lighting app to turn on lights based on motion and illuminance. My first experience with it. Also newly migrated off of Wink. It's not doing exactly what I want and I want to modify it. I get this error when I click on the link for the rule "Error: Cannot invoke method mod() on null object" and cannot get into the rule to make changes. Is there another way to open the rule or delete it if necessary?

Welcome to HE and the forum. Wink survivor here as well. Best day of my home automation life was when I threw that thing away.

Sometimes a rule becomes corrupt if you use the back button on your browser while editing the rule, or if a device in the rule gets deleted before you remove it from the rule itself.

You can delete the room lighting child app by clicking on the gear

then scrolling to the bottom and clicking on the "remove this child" button.

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Thanks, worked perfectly! Now to try again....

Yeah just avoid hitting the back button on your browser and make sure you don't delete any devices that make up part of the rule. If it happens again we can dig further.

Another trick some folks use for complex rules is to clone the rule and edit the clone. That way if something goes south you can revert easily. Shouldn't think a room lighting child would be complicated enough to bother but it is an option.

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