Room Lighting App: On at Sunset & Off at Sunrise not working

Although it seems like this should be exceedingly simple, obviously I'm doing something wrong. Please help.
Setup: Zigbee bulb to come on 30 min before sunset and turn off 30 min after sunrise.
App: Room Lighting App. Automation pasted below. As you can see it is reporting light is currently off, but in reality it is currently on.

Issue: It turns on 30 min before sunset just fine. However, in the device event log, it reports turning off 0.015 seconds after it turns on, yet in actuality, it remains on. Then, it never turns off 30 min after Sunrise.
This may have something to do with my adding "Sunset" as the activation, but before I did that it did nothing at all....

Screenshot 2022-08-23 105208

Since the above incident, it has been working fine, they earlier this week it did the opposite...
This time, all the reporting in the HE was correct: the HE reported light turn OFF at 30 minutes after Sunrise as per the rule.
In reality, the light remained on...I don't know what it would have done at the next sunset, since I manually turned it off in the HE Device page.