Room lighting active but device not turned on

Hello - I have a Room Lighting app set up that turns on a light when it's dark. It usually works fine but I noticed tonight the light is off. I looked at the app and it says it's active and shows that the Active condition of the light is on - but it also shows that the current condition of the light is off.

I don't understand how this would be. If it didn't know the state of the light, that might make sense, but apparently it knows that the light is off and it shows its active but hasn't turned the light on.

I clicked Activate and the light turned on - but theoretically it was already activated.

The little circle display doesn't necessarily correlate to what the app believes to be its Activated vs Turned Off state. Also, if the app was already in the Activated state, then upon the activation event you have setup it wouldn't turn on the light, thinking it was already on. I know there's a contradiction of sorts in how the UI in your screenshot presents that. If you had checked the Force box it would turn on the light irrespective of what it thinks the state is.

The Activate button does the Activation without any consideration for what it thinks the state is.

I had this issue a lot, even with the Force box ticked. In the end, I went back to Rule Machine which in my experience is a lot more reliable.


So there are two places in the table that seem to indicate current state of the device. The circles in Device Control and the parenthetical info in Activation Settings. Both in this case show Off. Does neither of those indicate the app's understanding of current state?
I thought the Force setting was intended to make sure a command was sent regardless of apparent state- so in this case, if the device was apparently already on, the Force checkbox would cause an On command to be sent anyway. But in this case, the device was apparently off - so I don't quite get why Force would be needed.
I'm probably not understanding the way these options are intended to work.

Aren't you trying to get it to turn on? But it didn't. You could look at the logs from the app. If this happens again, post a screenshot of the logs.

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