Room Fan Question

Here is the RM rule I'm working on:

If the Wireless Tag in the room goes above 74, then turn the fan on low. I used the Restore so that if a guest has the fan on already then when the rule turns false, the fan will go back to what they set it too.

The issue I think I'm going to have is how to account for guest having set the fan at a higher setting rule executes. So a guest has set the fan to 50 and the rule executes the fan will slow down to 30 until the rule turns false and then restore the 50 setting.

Is there another way I can approach this? I need to do this for 3 other rooms.

As long as you can read the current “Dim” of the fan, make one of the conditions that the speed is less than 30. If it’s above 30 it will come back false, which is fine, you don’t want to change the speed anyhow.

So, select conditions, DIM < 30

Rule Temp >=74 AND DIM < 30

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This won’t work as the fans it doesn’t take into account the fans being off. I would have to add a FAN=off so it will start. Also, what happens when there’s a change in the temp? So with


the fan will start as the temp and off conditions are true. When the temp changes, won’t the rule reevaluate itself and shut the fan off since it’s now neither the <30 or =OFF are true?

Result: It sent the fan into an on/off loop.

You don’t need fan off as a condition, or dim<30. Just turn on the fan and set to dim 30, then restore after.

@EdwardN. I disabled the rule and then set the fan to 50. When I activated the rule, it set the fan back to 30. So, I’m trying to figure out how to make the rule such that if someone has set the FAN to any speed, the rule won’t fire (without creating some crazy loop).

Ahh. If it’s manually turned on, are you using the fan controller directly, or a button through Hubitat? The latter you could use as a rule disable.

@EdwardN I would be using a 4 button pico (1-90, 2-60, 3-30 and 4-off). for the fan control. In that case say the quest presses the #2 button setting the fan to 60, how do I make that button press a condition to prevent the rule from firing?

You probably have to use a virtual switch. Set the switch to on with any button press but off, set to off with off. Use the virtual switch as the disable switch for your automation.

How does this look?

I can't figure out how to make it into one rule without creating other virtual devices etc.

Looks good. I don’t know why many people are reluctant to use virtual devices as control methods though. Both ways work. :slight_smile:

lol…actually I’m not opposed to them. I have 11 of them so far. I figured since I would have to write a rule to manage the switch (button 1,2,3 for on and button 4 for off), I could just make it simpler and not use the switch in this case.

ok. So the above RM doesn't work in my use case as the Fan Off - Bedroom will not allow me to turn the fan on low (dim=30) at night when the room is below 73. The Dim setting in this case doesn't reflect whether the Fan is running or not. In my case, the fan was at 30 before it dropped below 73, thus holding the same dim setting and yet being in an off state.

I have now conceded and created a virtual switch which turns on if the any Pico button (low, med, high) are pressed. It turns off when the Pico button (off) is pressed. So now the fan can be turned off by the Fan - Bedroom off rule and I can still turn it on low if I want.

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