Room Dashboard Tiles

I have created room dashboards that are included in my main dashboard. In other words my Home Sweet Home dashboard has room tiles for our Kitchen, Bedroom and Living room right now. Contained in each room dashboard are the devices for that room.

My question is if any device is on in that room can the room tile in my main dashboard show something is on in that room? Versus clicking each room to view the devices in that room.


Am I right in thinking that the main Home Sweet Home dashboard at the moment just has links to the other room-based dashboards?

If so, that in itself will not be able to show a status for the devices in the room that the link represents, it is just a link to another dashboard and does not carry with it any status information about the devices included on the dashboard. That said, there are things you could do in order to achieve what you are after. You could use Room Lighting or something similar to setup groups for the devices in each room, which you should be able to have record the status for the group, with different settings on how to identify if it should report as on, e.g. all on, 1 or more, etc. There are other Custom apps that could assist in achieving this outcome as well. You may even want to setup more fine-grained groups for things like lights, smart plugs, window shades, etc.

How you choose to display the status of the room on your main dashboard is a matter of personal taste and how technical you want to get. You could overlay your dashboard link tile over the top of a tile that displays the group device status, requiring some small amount of CSS to manage the layering of the tiles and transparent background on the dashboard link tile. Alternatively you could introduce the group device as a much smaller tile that simply adds a small icon to the dashboard link tile when any devices are on. I's also hesitate to offer up my Status Avatar driver, it would likely just confuse things at this stage.

Probably best if you could provide some screenshots of the current dashboard and a few more details on the kind of effect you are looking for.

This can be done in RM I think but I don't use it.
I would create a virtual switch and add that to the Dashboard with the Room name.
In WebCore I would create a piston that says "Anything in that group turns on then set the virtual switch to ON."
If any change to OFF AND all are off then "Set the virtual switch to OFF."

It sounds awfully like the purpose I built Tile Builder Rooms for. I can have one dashboard where I can monitor multiple rooms as well as make changes.

As an idea you could have one tile on your Home Sweet Home dashboard with a 3 x3 grid of icons on it summarizing the status of each of the rooms.

If you are unclear on what I mean let me know and I can do a little mock-up for you. I think that would work very well.

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How could I forget Tile Builder, sorry @garyjmilne

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This is what I was thinking with my prior comment. This is a standard 200 x 190 tile that shows the status of two lights, two windows, TV and temperature in my living room.

You have a ton of control over what you display and how it is formatted.

It comes in at 769 bytes so you could add a link to the room title and make it clickable to navigate to that room. Or you could layer a dashboard link tile on top of it and achieve the same thing.