Room-by-Room temperature balancing question

I am sorry for the long post but I have to describe things in details.
I am looking for the Algorithm (RM rule and/or custom app) how to balance temperature
(and increase comfort level) across my one bedroom apartment in South Florida.

The apartment is one bedroom (living room with semi separated kitchen plus one bedroom).
The AC is Fan Coil unit with 3-speed motor controlled by Ecobee 5 Premium Thermostat
(Thanks God the HE integration is 100% local). Thermostat itself is located in the Corridor (the
worst point in apartment for the Thermostat location) but I have 5 extra Ecobee-native temp
sensors. Two sensors are in the Bedroom and the other 3 in the Living Room. Ecobee is
configured to use all 5 sensors during the day time and two bedroom sensors for the night
time (thermostat itself is not controlling anything at all). Since we are near 100% at home
there is no any schedule. Thermostat is set for the 73F for all 24 hours.
Air distribution has 3 vents. One main biggest 6"x30" vent is located in living room next to the
kitchen area and far from all windows facing West. There is 6"x10" vent in a kitchen are and
the same one in the bedroom. All vents could be manually adjusted (opening and horizontal
air direction).

Thermostat is doing very nice job but here is a few problems I am trying to solve.

  1. During the night time only two temp sensors are in charge with temperature control.
    The resulting temp in a bedroom is whatever is desired but by the morning time living
    room becomes significantly overcooled.
  2. During the day all 5 sensors are in charge and during first half of the day (no sun at this time)
    temperature across all location is pretty much even. During the second part of the day
    (direct sunshine in the windows) temperature in the living room is about right but bedroom
    becomes overheated. I do have all curtains automated but the curtain open/close control
    is based on lumens only. I think, this is also OK fro preventing overheating by direct sunshine.
  3. Because main vent in the living room is in the dining table are my wife complains a bit it is
    to cold when we are eating.

To solve the above problems I will replace big living room vent with two Smart Vents installed
side-by-by side. I bought two 6"x14" Flair Smart Vents. These two will perfectly fit into 6"x30"
opening in the living room. And I already converted them into 100% local control by replacing
the original electronics with ZEN53 Motor Controller. The modified vent(s) working very well
and even allowed very fine tunable (like dimmer) opening/closing.

Now the main question is: "How to control these Smart Vents"?
I do have an ideas but I am looking for any advice on algorithm or maybe even ready-to-go
RM rule or custom app.
Any ideas/suggestions are very welcome.

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