Rollibot Smart AC unit Integration with Hubitat?

Recently got this rollibot ac unit as a gift. Rollibot ROLLICOOL 10,000 BTU WiFi Portable Air Conditioner and Dehumidifier 3-in-1 Smart AC Unit with Alexa-Enabled Voice Control App Quiet Operation Low-Profile and Easy Install

Was wondering if there was a way to integrate it into Hubitat to create better automations than what can be done with Alexa?

There is a mobile app, but no web interface.
I tried creating And using a virtual switch but Alexa can’t create automations based off a switch as the trigger.
I also tried using my smart things sensor as the trigger, but Alexa also can’t create automations based off the temp of sensor, on the open/close state.

use the virtual switch to change the status of a virtual motion sensor. use that virtual motion sensor in alexa to trigger events

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Use this driver pasted below (virtual contact with momentary switch) in place of the virtual switch driver for your virtual device.

You can control it as a momentary switch at the Hubitat end, and it presents as a contact sensor to Alexa. The status of the contact sensor can be used to trigger an Alexa routine. I based it off a virtual motion with switch driver posted by @cwwilson08.

metadata {
	definition (name: "Virtual contact with momentary Switch", namespace: "cw", author: "cwwilson08") {
		capability "Sensor"
		capability "Contact Sensor"
        capability "Switch"

preferences {
        section {
		    input (
                name: "AutoOff",
                type: "bool",
                title: "Enable auto off", 
                required: false, 
                displayDuringSetup: false, 
                defaultValue: false

def on() {
    sendEvent(name: "contact", value: "closed")
    sendEvent(name: "switch", value: "on")
    if (AutoOff) {
        runInMillis(12, off)

def off() {
    sendEvent(name: "contact", value: "open")
    sendEvent(name: "switch", value: "off")

def installed() {

Oh awesome thank you for the code!!!

Ok I think I set this up correctly.

I created this rule in Hubitat to control the switch driver you pasted. I believe it says when it is on, the mode is turned to closed. So I set that automation in Alexa (closed = turn on ac unit). And then another automation for open = off.

Does the Hubitat one look correct? I am under the impression the 2nd condition for the temperature is false, because currently it is false. But In order for the rule to run it’ll need to be true? Is that correct?

Yes. Just make sure you don't use the auto-off feature of the driver! Because you want to turn the virtual switch at a specific time of your choice (1 hour after it turns on).


Can I make a suggestion though? Why not turn it on at 9:30 PDT, and then turn it off when the temperature drops to be =< 78 (as an example). That way, if it needs to run for longer than an hour (or shorter) it can ....

thats a good point! I will add the condition to turn off when temperature reaches desired level and then remove the hour time duration.

Ill check the auto off feature, but i think it is off as i didnt configure it.

thanks again for the help! this is awesome!

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