Rollertrol Z-Wave Roller Shade Controller

Has anyone tried this with Hubitat? They said it might work, but couldn't guarantee it. They also said it only supports their own brand of RF motors, and could control 2 to 200 motors per group, and should report back position.

Are not all ZWave devices supposed to work with any Hub which supports ZWave?

I am in Europe and would like to purchase a Fibaro ZWave roller shutter switch. As far as I understand, many Fibaro products are compatible with Hubitat as per list of compatible devices. However, the words "roller shutter" does not appear anywhere in the list of compatible devices.

Has anyone used Fibaro roller shutter switch with Hubitat? Is it OK to buy that?

As long as a driver is available it will work. One will have to be written if it doesn't work with the generic blinds driver

Thanks. Will revert with result once purchased and installed.

Wow, their website is a mess!

I see that it works with Vera, Smartthings, etc... so no reason to believe that it will not work with Hubitat.


So, this a Bridge/translator device then - to control their RF shade motors? A Zwave hub will send commands to this bridge and this in turn will send custom RF instructions to shaded paired with it?

Yes, that’s my understanding.

Further my last, I bought a Fibaro Roller Shutter 3 and managed to make it run using the drivers and instructions posted in this forum.....

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