Roller Shutters via Orvibo Hub (or other RF hub)

Hi All,

I'm looking to install Roller shutters on a house we just bought and about to move into. I'm in Perth, Australia and a certain roller shutter company is offering 'free' upgrade to remote and wifi controls in my quote ( I reckon its probably cheaper for them to just give me a remote than install a wall switch control).

After getting more details, it appears the shutters are RF controlled and the wifi option is achieved via an Orvibo RF/IR Hub.

I'm just wondering anyone has a similar set up and getting it integrated to HE? Or recommend a an RF hub that would play well?

I was originally just going to get a standard AC roller shutter and put in Fibaro roller shutter 3. With 10 windows its going to be a more expensive solution

Look at Broadlink RM4 Pro I have it doing roller shutters and B & D garage doors. Bonus it does my Air Con and TV video audio. It integrates well with Alexa. Problem is that it is too soon nobody has all forms of Automation covered. I am trying to get it all local on a Hubitat but not with a lot of success so far. Hubitat seems to focus on Zigbee and Z Wave and has missed RF.

I eventually did went ahead with the orvibo hub. They work well with alexa so for now my duct tape approach is the virtual contact/switch to trigger an alexa routine. Not ideal as it is cloud dependent.

I wonder if the bond bridge will work well with these

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I'm searching for a similar solution. I have several blinds that are RF (no easy solution from Hubitat yet) and the Orvibo Hub.

I went with Google Home, and I can't seem to wire up the virtual device you used with Alexa.

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same here trying to connect Roller RF someway to HE

Investigate the Bond hub; it's working 100% for me with Hubitat.

thanks for sharing, can you tell me more?

do you think if i buy Bond hub i can control the RF of Orvibo roller shutters (currently with one Allone hub)?

I'm not sure, but it sounds like the path I followed. As I recall, I bought the Allone hub which was recommended by my shade folks. It did not work at all (I was surprised since they recommended it).

My son recommended the Bond hub. It worked perfectly out of the box, and someone was good enough to write a driver for Hubitat.

If it does not work out for you, you can always return it to Amazon...

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My work around (for now and until i get and test the Bond hub) >>
ps. I've Orvibo HomeMate hub // Allone RF hub controling my roller blinds:

  1. Link Orvibo >> Alexa
  2. Link HE >> Alexa
  3. Created Virtual Device at HE for each roller shutter (as garage door controller**)
  4. Create Routine on Alexa to Open/Close Orvibo roller blind with above virtual device

** someway how virtual device as switch isn't identified as trigger by Alexa routine, I could only have the Virtual device to be 1) motion sensor or 2) Garage door controller so that would be relevant and identified by Alexa routines as a trigger

Ah yeah the good ol virtual switches. I found them too cumbersome wth 10 shades lol. And Alexa occasionally misses the triggers. I've been using echo speaks instead for the last two years. just send text as voice command 'open x shutter' or 'close x shutter' and that works better. Works so well i havent considered getting bond.

Just a quick update; I'm now running the Bond Pro hub. It has a better radio (more coverage), and a hard ethernet connection.

Shade commands to the Bond Pro hub (via Hubitat) have been 100%.

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