Rollback to 2.0.4?


How can I rollback to 2.0.4, updated by mistake and want to go back :frowning:

Two requests


Why do you want to roll-back? Are you experiencing a specific issue?


don't have 2.0.4 available there :frowning:
yes, clicked update too quickly and didn't read changes, which break my sensors :frowning:


You can only roll-back up to 2 versions unfortunately. Which sensors are you having issues with? System drivers or user drivers?


the ones if I took a min to read :blush: i would have waited... Xiaomi ones ... as i said, clicked too quickly.
My rollback options were, and
so went back to so far so good... but assume 2.0.4 which i was running would be better.. but hopefully drivers updated before i find out has issues for me.


Ah, Xiamoi devices are not officially on the "supported" list as such it would be possible that any platform update could cause some issues. Hope all works out for you...


Just curious, which Xiaomi devices are giving you problems? While the author will likely generously update the drivers when he's back home, some people have already created workarounds that seem to be working for some others (at least the temperature/humidity sensor; I think the lux readings on the newer motion sensors are also wacky but I haven't looked into that yet; and I'm pretty sure the vibration sensor would be all sorts of messed up but I don't have one and haven't paid much attention to that).


This is a known issue and @veeceeoh will be updating the Xiaomi drivers in the near future.
This issue occurred with the latest update.


Anyone know how to rollback to 2.0.4? not looking to discuss Xiaomi sensors here, I know I goofed... thanks.


So you cannot see it with
Edit: Sorry just read your post further up.
If you haven't ever had it installed I'm not sure you will have that option.
Why not go back to the version you were running.


If you were running this version it should be available when you tried the restore from 2.0.5, but if HE just had 2.0.2 then probably that was the firmware you had.


its not... i was on 2.0.4... appears from other posts that Hubitat Developers control what is offered on that page.


I never seen that, but I just updated my spare hub and I can go back


While I do believe the Hubitat engineers can affect what is offered on the rollback page, my experience over the past year is that you will always see the last two firmware versions used on your hub. The only time I have ever heard about what is offered being changed is when the user requests something special from Hubitat Support.


Unfortunately I don't have a screen shot to show you, but I had 2.0.4 installed before i stupidly updated (my mistake, not reading first), and there is no option to go back. thankfully the version that is offered seems to work fine right now.

I haven't tried, but do backups roll back firmware as well?


The backups only contain the contents of the hub's database, not the firmware. When restoring a backup, it is best to use a version of the backup that matches the firmware version the hub is currently running.