Rollback firmware ? 2.1.5 Conditions not being followed

Is there a way to roll back the firmware version?

Since updating to 2.1.5 RM is no longer adhering to many of the conditions set to rules, like time of day in particular.

This is affecting lighting rules with motion, messages trigger by sensor activity etc... that I have set up.

Many continue to run outside their regular time of day conditions and others, and it is frustrating the household.


Go to http://your.ip.address/hub/backup and restore to a recent backup. I believe that will roll you back to a previous firmware.

Strange that you're experience time-based issues. Are you sure the time on your Hub is correct? You can easily verify the hub's current date and time as shown below in the SETTINGS menu.

Personally, I believe you should contact before restoring the previous firmware. But if you are the instructions.

To roll-back the platform firmware version, the simplest way is to use the tool found by clicking the link highlighted below in the Backup/Restore menu.

That will only restore a copy of your hub's configuration database to an earlier time. It will not revert the hub's firmware to an earlier revision. This has confused many a Hubitat user... :wink:


Just curious, which version did you upgrade from, and are these literal restrictions (a feature of older Rule versions) on the rules or did you make them yourself with conditionals (IFs and whatnot)?

I'm guessing the latter, in which case you should be fine and the above may help. If not, "classic" restrictions, formerly available to set at the bottom of every rule, were retired a couple firmware versions ago--just in case you happen to not be up grading from one of the latest firmware revisions.

Please show one of the rules that isn't working as expected.

Thank you for the help and replies

I’m having a similar issue, I have a rule that if motion in garage all outdoor lights go from 2700/10% to 6500/100% between sunset and sunrise. 5 min after no motion, outdoor lights back to 2700/10% ( sunset to sunrise ) In rule 3.5 it works sunset to sunrise ( as expected ) In Rule 4 it works 24 hrs a day. Go into garage at noon, all outside lights go to 6500/10% then at no motion go to 2700/10 and stay on. A separate rule ( garage motion = garage inside lights on with no time or day restrictions ) off after 5 min of no motion works as expected.

It would helpful if you posted screenshots of the working and non-working rules.

Ah, no, 3.0 is unchanged. I assumed you were using 4.0, where they were removed. I second the suggestions above to show a screenshot of the non-working rule.

I will post both rules later this evening when I get back to home network.

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Rule3.5 that works

Rule 4 that works - but 24/7 not as it should restricted to Sunset - Sunrise

Eh? There is no time restriction in that rule - at least the screenshot that you posted.

One way to get a time restriction would be to wrap all those Actions inside a conditional. Something like:

IF (Time Period Sunset to Sunrise) THEN
Color temperature

Ok, so how do I do this without typing out IF - then statements. I want 100% click and configure like RM3.5. I don’t want to have to figure out statement logic. RM 4 has made an easy process very programmer friendly - and NOT user friendly it seems.

Have you tried using the built-in Motion Lighting App?

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You don't have to type them. They are created using drop down menus.

Here's a video demonstrating how to create a simple conditional rule. This one turns on my kitchen lights for 10 minutes if the kitchen motion sensor detects motion between sunset and sunrise.

Edit: As @ogiewon wrote, you might consider using the built-in Motion Lighting App.


Thanks, 40+ views :man_shrugging: Of the vid and I think I got where I wanted to go. It might have an extra unnecessary line, but At least I have bright lights with motion and 5 minutes after they go dim.

That rule is unlikely to ever turn your lights off. I'd suggest a trigger using "motion changed" instead of "motion active," adding an "AND Garage Motion active" to your first IF, and changing your second IF to a plain ELSE. Then you'll have two sets of actions that will run any time motion becomes active or inactive: the first when motion is active (and the time condition is met), the second when inactive (or outside of the time). To complete things, I'd add a "Cancel Delayed Actions" first thing after your IF and set the "Cancelable" flag on your delay in the second half--that way, your timer starts over with new motion.

If you aren't trying to learn Rule Machine (or don't think you'll need any of its other power), I'd second the advice above to use Motion Lighting, which could handle this with ease. Good luck either way!


Ok, I can’t see how motion lighting would make this happen. I don’t need the lights to come on ( they are already on at sunset +30 ) I need them to go to full bright if there is motion in the garage. Then 5 minutes after motion stops to return to their dim condition and hang there till sunrise. There is also no need for this rule to turn any lights off as that occurs via another process at sunrise. I have it setup in rule 3.5, but eventually I’ll need to use rule 4 and would rather transition everything over to RM 4.
Edit: the at night part is working, If it ignores daytime it’s perfect.