Robotics vacuum

My current vacuum, diggro, has seen better days, it's front window is a bit scratched up and the gearboxs for the side brushes are wearing out .

Anyone any recommendations , only requirements
Self changing
Under 7.5 cm
Auto scheduling
Not expensive (max £200)

HE integration a pluss

Keep looking at Ali, but you never quite know what your getting

Very happy with my roborock s5max integrated with Hubitat hoovers when the house is empty turns the motion sensors off when its start and turns them back on if it gets stuck or finishes.

Abit more than your looking to spend but it mops as well you could look at cheap versions??

How tall is it including the blob on top

Just under 10cm

How are you integrating with Hubitat? I have the original Xiaomi robot vacuum which is basically a roborock, but uses the Xiaomi Mi app.

To tall to fit under furniture

@PaulHibbert seems to like this one he destroyed :joy:

My daughter has a very basic Deebot and it is amazing how well it vacuums, yet it’s pretty quiet.

Buy this Ecovacs Deebot 907 Robot Vacuum Alexa + Google - White (Factory Refurbished) | eBay

You want lidar. Btw I have 2.
Edit: that low you won’t find lidar for under $600

To tall, not to bothered about lidar, my diggro works well just can't find parts for it

EUFY makes several low profiles one, including hybrids.

RoboVac 30C is on the mabey list

I'd love to know as well how you integrated your Roborock......

Ended up with this

See how it goes

I have a couple of Qnap NAS's so i didnt need a raspberry Pi

Once i had it linked to hubitat i used webcore to set it off once the house is empty