Roborock S7 maxV ultra integration

I recently purchased my Roborock S7 maxV ultra (moving from Irobot) ,
And i was wondering is anyone able to connect it to hubitat ? is there an app/driver for this ?
My goal is to make it clean a specific room any time i am leaving my home and triggering the good bye routines in alexa.
For some reason i can not connect it directly to alexa (after downloading skill the user connect page doesn't open).

Getting the vac connected to alexa is key so you need to work on that. After that though it's a matter of simply tying a virtual switch to alexa to set your specific room (if that option is available in the skill) So your alexa routine watches the virtual switch and your rule trips the virtual switch to get alexa to tell your vac to clean specific room...

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Can you explain how to setup a virtual switch to Alexa? I have Alexa routines to clean each room already, I'm just getting started with Hubitat and don't understand all the setup/features yet.

You set up the virtual switch on hubitat. Then go into the Alexa settings on hubitat and expose that switch to Alexa. Then you Create a rule on hubitat using the virtual switch As a trigger. Then create a routine on Alexa to turn that switch on/off

To use a virtual switch for a routine, you need to make a routine that uses "Custom" as the action to invoke the Roborock Pro Skill. Fill in the voice command, which will require one routine for each command you create for each room, etc.

The custom command in the routine should be something like:
"Tell Roborock Clean Hallway", or "Tell Roborock Stop Cleaning", or "Tell Roborock Dock".

I did find an easy way to give specific commands without using routines, by using the Roborock Plus skill and the Echo Speaks App in Hubitat.

By using the Echo Speaks voiceCmdAsText(), you can just send a specific text command to an Echo skill from a Hubitat automation, by doing something like voiceCmdAsText("Tell Roborock Clean Hallway") to invoke the skill from the Echo device installed by Echo Speaks.

If you do not already have Echo Speaks installed, be warned you will have to run the instance of the server somewhere for authorization with Amazon. I set-up a local sever on a Raspberry Pi for this.

I know how to set up vs' to control with echo, google. siri etc...That said, I don't really see the point in integrating a robovac into hubitat.

Only if you want to check on other Hubitat conditions before cleaning is this needed. Check room motion to be inactive before starting cleaning. Stop cleaning when motion is activated. Don't clean if bedroom is in nap mode. Stuff like that.

I have the RoboRock Q5+ ... love it. It vacuums the entire first floor of my home... and the reason I have it integrated to Hubitat is because I want it to start cleaning on week-days after the wife and I have left the house. Because we don't always leave the house at the same time each day (kinda randomly), I have a Hubitat routine that checks our presence sensors (Life360) to determine when it should start cleaning. That's why I have mine integrated. Now the funny or sad part (you decide)... I was using Echo-Speak to do the integration, but I haven't gotten around to fix it with docker or anything else... but I do have Sonos speakers! So using Rule Machine, I created a rule to actually say outload on one Sonos speaker (after the wife and I left)... "Alexa, ask Roborock to vacuum" ... which triggers the Roborock Alexa skill. Janky... but it works for now until I decide to try to make Echo-speaks work again.