RM5 + Mode Change Triggers

I'm having issues with RM5 and mode-change triggers. They fail to work consistently, if at all. However, modes work as expected when used as conditions (i.e., if (Mode is Evening)). This also applies to when I'm doing a wait to change into a new mode.

I use six modes on my hub:

  • Late Night
  • Early Morning
  • Day
  • Evening
  • Night

I have a rule that updates the modes, which works as expected. The rule below doesn't work consistently, whether I have the trigger set to Mode becomes changed or mode becomes Early Morning. I've just ported it to RM5, worked previously as expected in RM4, when using set times, instead of mode.

Umm. Err. Hmm. This may have been an ID10T error. Diving into it, it appears that actually only one rule (the one shown above) actually was not working. It's just that that was the obvious one that's not working, since only the outside lights are up right now; I plugged a fan into one of the inside controlled outlet, and that was working as expected all along.

It turns out that I may or may not have clicked "Done" without actually installing the rule first.

Except that I would never do something like that. :rofl:

It's working OK now, manually switching my hub between modes (much to my neighbors' annoyance, I'm sure). We'll have to see how it works tonight/tomorrow morning.

"Done" is the same as "Install Rule" (or "Update Rule" after installation) except that it closes the Rule and tales you back to the apps list or wherever you were before. Just closing the Rule page without hitting either would cause this, but if you're able to reproduce the problem with "Done," you've found a bug. :slight_smile:

Then I must've closed it without hitting done. Because when I went back through and reset the trigger on that rule again and clicked "update" then "done," it appears to be working correctly.

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