RM5 - Button Device missing?

Has anyone else found that "Button Device" is missing from Rule Machine V?

It seems to be there in Rule Machine Legacy.

Is it going to be necessary to run both for different rules.... what are others finding?

Removal of embedded Button Controller functionality from Rule

The previous trigger type of ‘Button device’ has been removed from Rule 5.0. This trigger selection opened a page allowing basically the same functionality as Button Controller within a rule. This embedded form of Button Controller allowed for the full advanced action functionality of Rule-4.1, far exceeding the functionality of Button Controller 3.1. In its place there is a new version of Button Controller that has this functionality (see below).

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Thanks, @damianm!!

I couldn't find Variable options for Button Controller, so assumed RMV must still have to be used.... but reading the linked info I see that there are now Hub Variables that can be picked up. That's great.

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