RM5 and HSM Alert Status

Not sure if I'm losing my mind, but HSM Alert is not one of the options for predicate conditions in HSM 5.0 .

I'm trying to make a "disable water alert" button. In my house, when a few water sensors detect water, it turns off the water supply to the house and dumps pressure to a sump well. It's supposed to announce that it has done this as well, but that doesn't work for some reason (not a big deal right now).

Regardless, I want to be able to "easily" disable the HSM alert (if it's water), announce that it's doing it, and turn the water back on. However, I don't want someone to press the button accidentally (doubletap OFF for a central switch) and have the house announce (loudly) "HSM Cancelled, turning water on" unless the HSM status is alarming that there's water. I COULD use the condition of the valve's position, but HSM makes more sense to me.

I was going to use button controller, but I feel like I'll eventually add enough to this app that I'll have to move it to Rule Machine eventually anyways.

That's because HSM Alert is an event, not a condition. HSM Status is a condition, and it can be used in Predicate Conditions.

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I guess I'm saying, I can use it as a condition in RM4, so why can't I in RM5?

It seems like a condition to me. If HSM = alarmed_state_due_to_water then ...

Here is the list of Conditions available in Rule-4.1:

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You're both right, I guess the alarm status of the HSM is not considered a condition. I swear I've used it in an app before, but I must have imagined it.

Edit: My solution was to create virtual switches called "ZZZ-ALARM WATER" and "ZZZ-ALARM INTRUSION".

On trigger of the intrusion system, I have an app that turns "ZZZ-ALARM INTRUSION" on.
On trigger of the leak detection system, I have an app that turns "ZZZ-ALARM WATER" on.

To acknowledge both alarms, I have a button I hold that will cancel the HSM alert, then either announce the intrusion alarm has been reset, or that the water has been turned back on. Each re-sets the switch back to "off".

A bit annoying, but not the worst.