RM4 - Which trigger?

My 5 minutes of searching didn't help, so sorry if this has been covered before.

Is there a way in a RM 4.0 to tell which trigger kicked off the rule?

I have a situation where a button press, or a switch, can fire off a rule. They trigger as expected, but I can't check the button press in a condition, as it is a finite event and no longer true by the time you check the condition...

There are a bunch of ways to work around this, so it isn't the end of the world. But it would be a simple rule if I could just tell which trigger started it to begin with, and use that in an IF statement.

Never mind. It looks like I can shove %device% and %value% into local variables and do the conditional logic off of that.



Ah! Nice. Just found this !!! i had no idea that there was a way to identify the trigger source when you had multiple triggers listed.

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