RM4: set switch to match another switch?

Is there a way to set one switch to match another switch?

For example: I have room where one light is controlled by a Lutron wall switch, the other by a Zigbee outlet. In the midst of a too-complicated-for-Simple-Lighting rule, I have the following:

IF (Green Room NE light is off) THEN
    Off: Green Room NW light
    On: Green Room NW light

I'd prefer something like:

SET Green Room NW light to Green Room NE light

Is there a method for that I'm overlooking?

There is a built in App for that called Mirror that can sync a master device with slave devices

Also Switch Bindings can link devices both ways.

Thanks for both of those suggestions, but I'm not looking to link the two devices together in all cases; I have other rules allowing individual control of the two lamps, using Zigbee buttons. (It's a bedroom, and the lights are on the nightstands, so I need the ability to toggle them independently.)

Then your snippet rule up there is the best way to handle it

Got it. Thanks.

Thanks for helping me find this!!

I made a rule like this one. I think that is what you are looking for?
It follows another device, or when it is dark, in two modes, to turn on some outlets used for lights, even if we do not enter that room. Works fine for us.

At least an idea of how I did this to be triggered by another device. Tons of options out there, though. But the short version was cool, I learn something every day here. :slight_smile:

@RogerThat, I noticed the IKEA outlet. Does that outlet allow you to read the current state (on/off)? Power consumption?



Thank you!

That's too bad. It is really nice to be able to turn off an outlet when the power consumption goes below a certain level. For example, when I turn off my TV, the power usage drops, my routine turns off the outlet.

In my home office, with my monitors and desktop computer, when I shut off my desktop PC the power consumption is lower than when it is suspended, so I know I can turn the outlet off. The monitors suspend, same thing.

I wish I could find some inexpensive outlets that can do this. My eTekcity ones can, but I have not found an integration that provides the power usage, even though the device has it and I can view within VeSync.