RM4 Rule for Review

Just curious what others thoughts are here on this rule I've created... When I leave the geofence, I want the garage door to close if it's open. Once it actually closes, I want it to notify me through pushover that it's actually closed based on a secondary tilt sensor on the door. Will this work or should I be doing it with two different rules?


What I'm trying to avoid is being notified every time I leave if the door is already closed that I get notified that the door is closed when I already know it's closed.

use wait for event instead - that way if it is already closed it won't fire

I would try to simplify your rule a bit:

TRIGGERS: Jason's iPhone - Life360, Jason's iPhone - WebCore any leaves

IF (Garage Door open) THEN
	Garage close: Garage Door
	Wait for condition: Garage Tile Sensor closed
	Notify Jason's iPhone - Notifications: 'The Garage Door is closed'

Keeping everything in one "IF" structure will ensure that everything will only be executed if the garage door was actually open. This way you shouldn't get notified if the door was already closed

I'd consider two things: first your single "any" trigger will fire under either of these circumstances:

  • Either phone is present, then one goes away
  • One phone becomes present but the other is still away

You may not have expected that second thing (the "any does X" part of the trigger description is misleading, and they might do well to just make triggers phrased like "Jason's iPhone Life 360, Jason's iPhone webCoRE - any away" since people do seem to get confused by the best-guess verb they use). I assume you want something like this instead, where it will only fire when either device (truly) becomes not present:

Jason's iPhone - Life 360 leaves OR
Jason's iPhone - webCoRE leaves

Second, I'm not sure it would cause problems (if you live alone), but you might as well put the Wait and the IF with the Notify (which you'd no longer need the IF around at all, so really just the Notify) inside your other/outer IF--none of those should happen if the door wasn't opened when you left, and it would eliminate a likely undesired notification that you might otherwise get if the door was closed when you left, then someone else opened and closed it while you were away (in other words, as-is, it creates a hanging subscription to the tilt sensor state every time you leave, even if the door wasn't open to begin with). In this case, you could leave it "Wait for condition," but "Wait for event" would work here too (and as suggested above would be necessary to get what you want if you leave it as-is). EDIT: This last thing is pretty much what was suggested above as I was typing, but still consider your triggers.

Thank you everyone for the replies. I actually only have one phone but use both Life360 and webCoRE app on webCoRE tied to ST (which has been flawless for me) that communicates to Hubitat via hub connect. Just like the redundancy should life360 fail as it has in the past. I’ll give what you have posted a try. I appreciate the feedback.