RM4 list view not showing current status in brackets

Not sure if I am doing something wrong , but after I create a new rule using version 4 of Rules Machine, the list view of rules does not show the current status of the rule in brackets like the older RM versions do.

Any way to fix this or is there something I have to do to enable this view ?

What do you mean by the "current status"? As in paused and unpaused? Mine currently shows when rules are paused and has been that way since at least 2.1.4.

Notice that my only rule that was done using 4.0 does not reflect any status in brackets. ( Currently running version:

I have tried various rules and none will show status in brackets using RM4.0 .

That would make sense as triggers changed in RM4 and are no longer "boolean" in the sense that they were in RM 2.5 and 3.

Repeating and paused still work as normal, but you won't see the boolean output anymore for RM4 rules.

Thanks for the explanation and I guess that makes sense but sure was hoping to see overall rule [True] or [False] status

You might be able to simulate something like that using a dashboard and setting global variables. Not perfect, I know, but might be a workaround.

This doesn't exist anymore--Rule 4.0 doesn't have "Rules" in the classic sense of the term, so there is no "overall" truth to display. The closest Rule 2.5/3.0 analogy to the only thing you can create in Rule 4.0 is the "Trigger" type of "rule" from these older versions (I use this lowercase term in quotes loosely), which also don't display these for the same reason. What drives the running of rule actions in Rule 4.0--as it did with a classic Trigger--is one of the trigger events firing; as you know, what drove it in "classic" rules before was truth change on any of the conditions, which caused a re-evaluation of the rule. Conditions in that sense don't exist in 4.0, either.

If there's a specific goal you're trying to achieve by seeing this status, perhaps someone can come up with a workaround--I see someone mentioned one above already that may work, depending on what you're really trying to do.


I may just rely on the dashboard for status.
It was just very convenient to see overall rule status in the RM listing when testing new rules