RM4 Insert Repeat

I have an existing 4.0 Rule. I want to modify it by adding a repeat action. When I select Insert Action Before, and then select Delay or Repeat Actions, I am presented with a number of options, but the option I need, which is Repeat Actions, is not one of them.

Tha Repeat Actions option is there with a brand new rule, but I want to modify an existing a rule.

Can you show a screenshot?

I noticed the same thing. Here's a screenshot:

Maybe what's going on is that you can't add a repeat inside a repeat. Is that correct? If so, could we have the UI explain that instead of silently failing? Maybe a greyed out menu item that read "Can't insert repeat into repeat?" or leave the repeat menu item, but have it go to a page that explains why this natural idea is not allowed.

You cannot add a repeat within a repeat...how would that work? You can only have one repeat running in a rule at a time.