RM4 -- Boolean "AND" of "Wait for" events?

I've got a rule with multiple "Wait for" events. They seem to be added to the rule with a logical condition of "or". Is there a way to choose to have them combined with "AND", so that the rule will wait until all conditions are satisfied?

Specifically, a bathroom exhaust fan turns on if either the temperature or humidity are above certain values. The fan should remain on (ie., "Wait for" the action of turning off the switch) until both the temperature and humidity conditions are below set points.

Wait for Events can have multiple events. Only a single Wait of any kind can be active at any one time, each one cancels all others. Each event in such a list is a possible way to end the Wait, so as you say they are all OR.

There is no mechanism with Wait that does what you want. You would have to use a basic rule to do this. It's trigger events are your various devices values changed. It's first action would be IF (conditions) THEN with all of your conditions with AND. This rule would trigger when any one of the triggering devices changes value, and then evaluate if all of them are in the desired state. If so, then some actions take place. If you want to embed this logic in some other rule, then this rule could set a Global Variable. Your other rule could Wait for that variable to become true.

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