RM3 Bug

Hey @bravenel, can you tell me if this is right.
I am trying to get a contact to activate a scene in RM3 and this is what I get , 4 or 5 entries of the same scene (I only have 1 named Bedtime)

I main reason I wanted to do it in RM was so that I could select multiple switches as restrictions as you said SL might not be changed to include multiple switches as restrictions, But RM has the same. I can only choose one switch as a restriction.

Obviously not Bruce, but is there a reason you want to do this in Rule 3.0? It is indeed true that literal/"classic" restrictions in Rule 3.0 allow only a single "Switch to disable Rule," but part of the idea behind removing these restrictions from Rule 4.0 is that conditionals let you do everything they could plus more (and you don't lose the ability to still do some action, like turning off the lights if the automation turned them on, when the--quite naive in 3.0 and SL--restriction is in effect).

In other words, you can definitely do this in Rule 4.0: you just need an IF...THEN to make a "restriction" as complicated as you want. If you want to stick to 3.0, you could actually do the same--that's when IF...THEN was introduced to Rule Machine, so this feature is there too. You'll just be limited to a single layer (i.e., no nested IFs) in version 3.0. If you're re-creating something from Simple Lighting, this may be sufficient.

Can't help with the scenes issue, of course. :slight_smile:

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That is an old bug. It's only a UI issue, and should not affect your rule. You may be able to clear it up by opening the parent app Groups and Scenes, and hitting Done.

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I will write out my rule by hand and give it a try.
Expect to see me posting in the RM4 thread soon!