RM (Version 5.1.1 (11/24/2021) - Error when using pushover or Text to speech

I'm setting up a rule if either one of my deadbolts change state and we are not present, send a message to pushover.

If I select pushover as either a notification device or text to speech or a chromecast device as text to speech, I get an unexpected error. Any ideas?


I found that if I turn off display current values, the error goes away. I can then setup notification and save the rule


Were you putting the Send Message action at the end of that set of actions?

What exactly was in the Send Message? Was there by chance something like %variable-name%?

Here is the working RM:
Can you not use variables when display current values is turned on?

Yes, you can. I just need some help to discover what is causing the error you reported.

What does %status% refer to? The error you reported most likely stems from using an undefined variable -- and that's been fixed for the next release. Is %status% a variable?

Bruce- Many thanks for responding..

I was looking for the status of the lock when it changed. Looking at it more, I don't think that will work in this setup?

There is no predefined thing %status%. You could come up with the condition of the lock, possibly with Custom Attribute or a conditional action. So, if %status% is not a variable you have defined, then that is what caused the error. Next release will not throw an error, but %status% would not display anything as a value, since it doesn't have one.

Always learning. Many thanks for your patience and assistance. Especially on a Sunday!!