RM UI Issue - Inserting an If Condition

I found what I think is a small bug in the Rule Machine User Interface.

When inserting an If condition into an existing rule, the text underneath doesn't get indented to the right. I think it use to in the previous Platform Version...?

It is only a minor UI issue (Platform Version, but it can be confusing when working on complex rules. When selecting "Done with Actions", the indentation does show.

The "IF" statement inserted before "Set openDoorTimer to 0" is shown with an arrow. The text that should be indented is also identified in the example below.

As shown below, when going back to the "Define Rule" screen, all is good.

As I am editing an existing rule (copied from another one), I am noticing that when updating the conditions via the "Manage or Create Conditions" selection, the conditions are not getting refreshed in the app. As seen in the screenshot below, the conditions have been updated, but in the screen above it, the conditions have not been updated - the old conditions are still showing. (The condition is identified with (1) )

Also, when editing a condition and exiting the edit screen, the condition becomes blank:

Any chance that this may be a problem with my browser? (Using Chrome Version 84.0.4147.89 (Official Build))