RM + Time

Do any enterprising folks know how to do this with RM?
--> The Time is {$hour} {$meridian}
[The above comes from an old webCore Piston I am trying to convert]

In essence, I want to extract the current hour and if it is AM or PM.

I tried %now%, but as an ie. if it is 1:22 PM, it will read the time as OH ONE TWENTYTWO PM.
How do I eliminate the OH ONE and simply get 1 or 10 or 3?

Thanks in advance

Alpha and Beta are number GVs and Charlie is a string GV. I suspect that in the hour after midnight, it would say "Zero Fifteen AM"

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Thanks Bruce (@bravenel) . Much appreciated.

I thought it initially looked simple, but I got stuck the moment I tried to replicate it...
BTW, I am still on RM3 if this makes a difference...

When it try to set the variable, I do not see current hour / minute as options. All I see is Current Time.



These are RM4 features.