RM strange behavior observed

I am not sure when exactly this started but this is not something really new.
Occasionally (I am glad, not too often) there is a very noticeable delays in response from
Motion Sensors (Zigbee and ZWave) and different Buttons. On top of the delays it looks like
an events from a Buttons are somewhat quid. For instance, I have a Button with correspondent
rule to open/close a balcony door. Occasionally pressing on a Button does not activate a rule
right away and naturally Button is pressed second and sometime even third time before rule
is activated. And guess what? If Button was pressed multiple times the rule is also activated
multiple times. I have no explanation for this phenomena but it is what it is. I did not activate
logging for this rule so, I don't have a prove how many times rule was triggered and with what
intervals. But this phenomena was/is observed multiple times and for few different rules
triggered by buttons.

Hi @vitaliy_kh

I’m not actually qualified to respond, but I see it’s been three days since your post. Here are a couple of thoughts.

  1. Hub is busy. Maybe try looking at values in the Hubinfo custom app (I think it’s by @thebearmay). It could be other rules, memory nearly full, too much logging etc.
  2. Mesh traffic is causing delays. This may be a bit of a stretch. I believe that @rlithgow1 has written on mesh issues a number of times and may have even posted a guide.
  3. Problematic devices. I understand that certain devices may have communication issues now and then.

Hopefully one of the experts here will notice and give you better input.

What kind of buttons are they?

Well, hub is running very well, Free memory is always above 500K, CPU load is not too high.
Occasionally there are some delays in responce to MS and Buttons.
But what was very strange, (and I have no any reasonable thoughts how this is possible)
on top of delays the commands from Buttons seems to be quid. I have a Button which has
a toggle function for opening/closing balcony door. If this Button is pressed and because of
delay nothing was happening the Button was pressed second and sometime even third time
before door motion was finally activated. This in fact resulted in multiple comand execution.
The expected behavior should be just one execution instead of multiple. To make this even
more exciting the rule in question is protected from retriggering by private bolean.
Usually this rule works jyst fine but occasionally goes crazy.

Nothing specific. Just multi button remote used in Button Controller builtin app.