RM Stop actions also stops schedHandler schedules

@bravenel, here is what I was talking about in the other thread. Stop Actions appears to remove schedHandler schedules, which prevents rules from being evaluated when time conditions change. Maybe this is how it's intended to work...in that case I will figure out a workaround, but I'm wondering if schedHandler should be excluded from the "Stop actions" action.


Two motion rules, one to set a dimmer to a low level when motion is active and time is between sunrise and 7:45AM. Second to set a dimmer to a high level if the same motion sensor is active and time is between sunrise and 7:45AM. Both rules have a delayed off action in the False section. (I left this part off in the examples below).

To handle the time period change, I set them up to Stop actions of each other when true. Let's say motion is active just before the transition from before sunrise to after sunrise, rule 1 becomes false and schedules a delayed off. Since rule 2 becomes true, I want it to Stop rule 1's delayed off action.

The issue is that the Stop Actions action seems to be canceling the schedHandler schedule that handles the time conditions, so there is nothing left in the schedule to cause the rule to evaluate at sunrise.

Example rules (ignore the current true/false states, I'm taking the screenshots now where I did the test about 10 minutes ago):

I created the above rules at 7:40 AM with conditions changing at 7:45AM. I then walked into the closet, making "aaa1 test" true, and stopping "aaa2 test" actions.

Here are before-and-after screenshots from "aaa2 test" schedules, as well as the log entries that show "aaa2 test" actions being stopped by "aaa1 test"

That is a bug, found and fixed for next release.

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