RM restrictions in 2.5

@bravenel Not sure is this was intended, but I'm seeing restrictions in the RM overview end time as the current time, instead of the specified restriction end time. If you edit the rule, it shows the end time I specified, but when you look at the rule overview, it shows the current time.

In this example I have set a restriction end time of 10:00 PM, but the rule overview shows the current time for the end time, instead of the specified restriction. This is 2.5 rules only. The existing rules are still showing the correct end time with the time zone.


Not seeing this behavior. It's 8:49 when I did this:

What's odd is mine shows timezone and yours doesn't. Is your timezone set correctly on Location page?


The code that shows the restriction time didn't change in 2.5.

Yes. Time zone is correct. Affecting only non-US regions perhaps?


Mine shows this after the restriction time has passed. Wonder if yours will do the same at 11:01 MST?

Something to do with timezone. I'm able to reproduce this by setting my timezone to Canada/Pacific.

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Restrictions are working correctly. It's a display issue only.

Found the bug, a typo. I was wrong, that code got tweaked, and the typo was introduced.

Should only affect restrictions that begin with Sunrise and end at a specific time. Good catch!

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New release out with this fixed.

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Still not displaying the time zone in 2.5 rules for some reason.


Yes, but did it change the time like before?

No issue with showing correct end time, just the missing time zone info.

Ah, yes... I know where that is. Will get fixed for next release. I was only looking at the wrong time issue.

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