RM request - Fade shades


I can treat my shades like dimmers and I can set levels and whatnot, but if I try to fade the shades over time it throws a groovy error. I'm using the lutron shade driver.

ideally i'd like to have the shades in my great room close over about a 30 min period by ~1% increments. I'd like to be able to set a fade time on my shades the same way I can on a dimmer.



Lutron shades have a fixed traversal speed, probably most other shades do as well.


What is the error you are getting? Are you trying to do this with RM's fade dimmer over time? That should work for a Lutron shade.


You’re right, of course. I was using “set dimmers” and then “with this fade”. fade dimmer over time works just fine. would be nice to have that be a part of the shades adjustment as well, but this works fine.



Since it works fine, we really shouldn't add another action just for shades. As long as we keep the dimmer functionality as an option for shades, as it is with the Lutron Shades driver, this existing action will do,