RM - Physical Switch Action

Question.... can you only have a RM condition that would respond to a physical press/flip of a switch as opposed to a programatic switch action.

For example, if I press my closet light switch to turn on I want a second light to come on as well. However, if I walk into my closet and motion is detected my closet light turns on but the second switch does not because the switch was not physically turned on.

I think this needs two separate rules. One for switch trigger, one for motion trigger.

It does but if Motion triggers a switch, then doesn’t a switch also trigger its own action?

Therefore motion triggers switch triggers switch action?

Yes, there is a trigger event for physical switch. You can’t use this as a condition in a rule since it’s an event, not a condition. If you need physical switch to cause a rule to be evaluated, you could use a triggered rule.

Assuming from your original post that you want the outcome that motion only turns on one of the two lights, but physical switch turns on both, then a trigger with physical switch should work. Note, however, that some switches are crappy at reporting physical events, depending on manufacturer and model. We’ve put a good deal of effort into this issue. If the switch doesn’t report the event, there’s not much that can done to use that in an automation. This issue has a long history, as a Lutron patent prevented other manufacturers from using this feature without a license from Lutron. Control 4 lost a major lawsuit over this, so other manufacturers stayed clear of the issue completely. The result is a hodge podge of switches out there that do or do not report a physical event,


I’m not sure why these need to be combined. If your motion sensor and light switch are separate, and you want the switch to turn on both, won’t the motion sensor turn on one light before you get to the switch anyway?

Hi there,

Came across this trying to get a physical switch event to trigger. Short story, I happen to have a Zooz 21 and a Levitron Decora smart. The Zooz does not report physical presses, the Levitron does.

However, the Levitron does not trigger an RM rule even when "physical Switch" "turns on" is selected for the trigger event. The event logs show the event is recognized by the hub, but no rules.

[dev:129]XXX#dev129)2019-01-15 04:50:22.388 pm [info]XXX Master Bedroom Overhead Switch is on [physical]

Any thoughts?

Show me your rule screenshot.

A "Rule" doesn't support "physical", only a "Trigger" does (or Triggered Rule).

That won't work because you have no Conditions or a Rule. Try using a Trigger instead of a Triggered Rule.

Didnt realize there was a difference til you said this, but still no go.


OK, can you please look at the App Status page for that app, and see if it has an Event Subscription for Master Bedroom Overhead Switch? Also, please look at the Device Events for that switch, from its device page, and make sure there is an event there with type Physical.

You did hit Done for that trigger, right?

yes hit done:
yes event subscription:

Event Subscriptions

Source Event Handler Filter

Master Bedroom Overhead Switch switch.on physicalHandler true

but, NO, there is no device events for it. the only physical on event registered is when the device was off before.

I imagine that would be the issue. So, even though it is sending log data about the event, it isn't actually sending an event through the rest of the device driver? Is that fixable by changing code (its using generic z-wave smart switch now) or is it hardware?

One more thing you can do is to turn on logging for the device on its device page. Then be sure to have Logs open in its own tab, and turn the switch on and off physically. You will be able to see what it's doing in the logs, and can isolate just it's logging traffic. It's hard for me to tell from afar, I'd want to see these things to diagnose.

Yes, it is definitely logging the physical switch action, and there is no corresponding event. I attached the screenshot of it earlier. Please ignore the one other entry in the screenshot where mode manager triggered. Sunset was at 5:35 last night, apparently!

Hi, I'm having a strange behavior with RM and the physical switch trigger when using a scene.

Basically, what I wanted to do was to make sure when the physical switch of a dimmer is turned on, this light is always at 100%. I set up a simple rule to do that, which works fine. My wife, happy.

This same light is part of a scene. The problem is, when the scene is activated the light was supposed to be at 40%. It turns on at 40, then jumps to 99.

Checking on the "set to 100% if physical switch" rule status page I see that it triggers when the scene is run (which is not supposed to happen as it is by definition a digital event).

Checking on the dimmer events page (Aeotec Nano Dimmer), the scene activation is recorded as a physical event indeed, not digital. I can get a digital event by pushing a virtual button, or by using the on/off buttons on the device page. In those cases the 100% rule is not activated, Therefore, it seems the scene is passing the dimmer the command as physical instead of digital?

Not sure if its supposed to work like this, a workaround might be to stop using the scene manager and set up rules associated to virtual buttons to control each scene but it is a pity as scene manager is awesome.


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