RM - Option to Pause Mirror Me App and Add in RM

@bravenel @mike.maxwell

2 things I was looking for I was hoping you could add at some point in the future for Mirror app and RM:

  1. Add option to Pause Mirror Me Rules:

  2. Add an option to Pause the Mirror App Rules in RM (needs pause option added to Mirror first):

My use case, I use Hue Labs scenes that I mirror to my Sylvania SMART+ FLEX Outdoor lights and seems to work great, would love to automate it so I can Pause the Mirror Me rule in RM so it only does that when I have a Hue Lab scene turned on. Being US Sylvania SMART+ cannot be paired with Hue Hub, this was an alternative I found.

I guess an alternative could be to add restrictions in the Mirror Me rules like you have in other apps instead of adding Pause but Pause might be the simplest to add.

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We will look into it.

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This will be in the 2.2.9 release.

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