RM Legacy Disappearing

Anyone have any issues with RM Legacy sporadically disappearing? I've got several older rules still there, and about once every week or two, I'll have something not trigger. When I start to look into it, I find that RM Legacy and all the rules in there seem to have been removed. It doesn't seem to be tied to a particular schedule or set of conditions; I usually only notice it early in the morning because I'm asleep and away from things for several hours, but I have seen it disappear in a 15 minute window between when I was actively working on it and when I checked my email.

Restoration is never a problem. I can grab the previous night's backup (or the day before if the error occurred just before the backup was made) and everything gets restored good as new. But it's annoying to have to do that even as infrequently as every couple weeks, and however many rules I still have under Legacy obviously don't run until I get things restored.

This has been going pretty much since RM 5 was released and across every HE platform version (I generally install the updates within a day or two of them being released).

So is this something anybody else has experienced? Any ideas or suggestions beyond trying to duplicate all my Legacy rules into RM 5?

I haven't seen any other posts about this, at least not specifically to RM, but the same general thing (apps disappearing, etc.) has happened in some cases of database corruption. The process may have been refined since then, but in the past (and probably still), if the hub detected database corruption on restart, the last-known-good backup would be restored. I'm not sure if this can account for your behavior, since it seems like you're pulling backups (that work and are this likely good) just fine.

Still, it can't hurt to try: maybe download a local backup (just in case you need it), do a soft reset on the hub, then restore your downloaded database when the hub restarts (there is a link at the bottom of the setup screen--you don't need to go through the wizard to set it up like new). A soft reset is prety safe to do (don't do a full reset, but that is very difficult to find now), and after you restore your backup, you should have everything the same as it was before--minus any corruption that this is reported to address. (It's possible a sole restore might also do basically the same and that this full process isn't necessary--again, I know they've made some refinements over time--but since you've already tried that, I suppose this can't hurt.)

If that doesn't help, there probably isn't much the community can do to help more, but perhaps others will have more ideas; otherwise, it might require staff attention. They're pretty active in the forums and are likely to see this, otherwise someone can tag the right person.



Yeah I think @bertabcd1234 has it right. Database corruption. Do what he says with the soft reset and it should fix it.

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This has never happened to me, so I agree there’s presumably something unusual going on with OP’s hub.

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Thanks, all! I'll give the soft reset a shot.

Phaugh! I did a soft reset shortly after my last comment, restored from backup, and everything was working fine until this morning when I saw RM Legacy had vanished on me again overnight. I was able to restore everything from the previous day's automatic backup, but it seems I've still got the same issue.