RM inconsistency after PB flip



I’ve got another couple rules that are acting funny in RM 3. These are my master bath lighting rules. the contact rule flips the PB of the motion rule when the door closes, and then goes back to true after a delay when the door opens. however the motion rule doesn’t work - at first anyway, after it is flipped back to true. If I hit the pico on the wall to turn the lights on for some reason this seems to reactivate the rule and it starts responding the motion condition again (the pico only adjusts the lights via the button controller app).

I primarily notice this at night, but that is also the primary time the door is closed. I’m not sure if it is happening during the day or not.

the logs show the motion rule becoming true, but even then the light still don’t turn on.

contact rule restriction also includes switch to disable rule: v people sleeping, disable when off.



Turn on rule logging to see more detail. Try to catch it in the failure and the post the logs for it.



I mentioned this last week a few times, and showed you rules and logs. You indicated it was fixed in an upcoming release.


Here are the logs. The rule is read as true, but it’s not evaluated.


Just an FYI, I’m still seeing this error with the recent update.