RM HTTP requests with non-standard port

Is anyone aware of any issues with sending HTTP requests to non-standard ports currently? I've used this in the past without an issue but when I just tried it didn't work. I then step up a monitor port on my switch to send all traffic coming off of my hubitat hub to a machine running wireshark and I didn't see the http get request I setup as a test when triggering the rule. The http request I put in the rule is something similar to this: Is anyone currently using something like this and not having any issues?

Nope...no problem here. This is what the Google Assistant Relay and Cast-Web-API and Hubduino setups use and I have had all three work this morning without a problem.

Thanks for the quick feedback. Now I need to dig deeper to make sure something weird isn't going on with my network.

Just to follow up on this it was a networking issue causing it.

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