RM HTTP GET - Multiples?

Getting greedy here . . .

The HTTP GET function in RM is working great and has allowed me to get rid of my last bit of custom code. It's doing what I need now but as I think of other things I might want to do, I was wondering, is it possible to put more than one URL in the section "Send HTTP Request / Enter URL to send request to" area of the rule? Perhaps separated with some delimiter/separator?


Can you explain what you think that solves?? Because when I look at your request, I think.. Two Rules or 10, one for each URL. Rules are "Free" Then with 2 or 10 Rules, you can have One-Rule-to-Rule-Them-All approach too.

I fell into the mental trap of assuming fewer rules would be better. I don't believe it would accomplish anything that could not be done with multiple rules.

I too was thinking this would be good... I guess the answer was that one cannot put multiple URL's in the GET command field? I've tried a couple different potential delimiters but haven't gotten anything to work yet :slight_smile:

You don't need a whole, rule, just the action. Then you can call all the rule actions from the rule that you wanted to send the multiple requests from.

Alternatively, you can use the HTTP switch driver. This allows you to have one HTTP request when the device is turned on and another when the device is turned off. Or the HTTP Button, which just sends a request when pushed. You could set up one device per URL and then "push" or "switch" each one in your rule. Depends on what your use-case is.

Hi @ryan780 I am new to HE.... i guess I don't yet understand most of what you said. Any chance you could elaborate on the rule-actions thing (your first paragraph)?

Thank you!!

There are 5 classes of child apps within Rule Machine....Rules, Triggers, Triggered Rules, Actions and Schedules. Do you see those? I'm speaking about an "Action". If you create an Action it can be executed from another rule under "Set rule Boolean, run rules....". If you want a complete tutorial, I'm sorry, one doesn't exist. And you'd have to ping someone on staff for that, i'm just a user like you. :slight_smile:

Thank you sir. Much obliged. I'll poke around :slight_smile:

Also- in the end... to solve my particular issue where I wanted to run 3 GET commands... I made my own driver based on the HTTP GET Switch driver... and stuck it on a Vritual Device and that is working well for now. :slight_smile:

That's what I did as well. But mine is highly customized for my use case so I didn't think it would be helpful for you. Glad you got something to work.

Great. Glad to hear I have not gone off into the weeds too far yet :slight_smile:

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