RM: How do you properly modify a rule that is currently running? (Time)

I have a few simply-constructed Rule Machine rules that control lights on a timed basis. On occasion, like yesterday, I find the itch to tweak said rules. My issue is that whatever I did seems to have borked the 'off' event, most likely just for that day. I'm assuming that when it ran naturally this morning, it reset the subscriptions (or whatever the proper term is) to work properly this evening.

Is there a way so that I can edit the rule after the 'on' trigger, but before the 'off' event (hence the post title of 'while [it's] running')? I assumed that running a 'Run Actions' would reset the 'off' event, but that doesn't seem to have worked yesterday. It's also very possible that I forgot to hit that button, too.

Here's a shot of an example rule:

Yes when you update the rule the wait will be cancelled. In the rule you can click update rule and then click run actions. That will restart the rule. Then close the rule do not click done, just close the window. Click apps , dashboard, whatever, but as long as you don't click the done button your wait will still be active. Make sure you clicked update rule first, however.


Ah! The 'don't click Done' is the piece I was missing. Thanks!