RM Help With Stopping Repeat

I have reminder rules that will warn me of upcoming tasks and then remind me and continually remind me until I acknowledge I have done them. Mainly for medication reminders. It will then decrement the amount of medication left.
The following is a new version that I'm trying to make more efficient. But I have an issue with stopping the repeat.

I was thinking that if I stop it, it would continue on to update the counter. But it does not.

Am I missing something on how things work when a rule is rerun?

I'm trying to keep things self-contained within the rule except for the cancel witch should stop any running reminder.

Any help is much appreciated.

Does your stop repeating actions work ok?
If it does them move your add 1 to counter to just above it.
If stop runs ok then the counter +1 should work as well.

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The issue with that is that the cancel switch is used to cancel any reminders. This would update the count even if this reminder is not repeating. I guess i can put in check if the reminder is repeating. I'm just trying to make this as efficient as possible.

I may not be following this completely but how about something like this?


It should repeat until your cancel switch changes (my GBR). You can add the counter to the loop.

Edit: The states of the while may not be correct but you should get the idea. I was quickly throwing together a sample.

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I did try it with a while, but the thing I haven't mentioned is that the count is announced in the real rule if it goes below a certain level. The condition is not evaluated until the next loop. So there would be a delay. Which could be up to 5 minutes in the real rule.

I went with tracking whether the rule was running and doing the count adjustment in the else.
I would still like to know what the behaviour should be when a repeat is stopped. I would have thought it should have completed the rest of its instance of the rule. @bravenel can you enlighten me?