RM-Fridge door open

Any idea while this Rule is repeating even though the sensor is closed?

My guess is because the only trigger is opening the fridge, not closing it? Just a guess as I am no RM expert.

Why not just use a normal "Rule" instead of a "Triggered Rule"?

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I believe @ogiewon is correct. You could add an " OR Fridge sensor closed" to the trigger but the better option would be to use a standard rule with a Cancel on truth change for the action.

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I think there are 2 issues here. the first one is you need cancel on truth change otherwise you will get notification after 5 minutes even when the door is closed again. The second issue is you will need to set a private boolean to false after 5 mins otherwise rm is going to check the conditions every 5 mins and give you a notification.
you can do this with HSM which I find is easier.

The rule should not be a triggered rule, below is my rule for a laundry door that works:

Changed it to a regular rule and it's working.


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