RM Errors after update to


RM rule was working error free before the update to the latest release
After the upgrade rule still is working but produces many errors.
I cannot spot anything wrong with this rule but obviously something is not right.
Question is - what is wrong with this rule?

Here is a rule:

And here are log errors (all the same):

This is the issue I think

Where is that PR_Sum variable? Is that a hub variable? Does it exist? It needs to have a value.

Ops. Thank you for opening my eyes.
There is no "PR_Sum" variable at all and not even should be.
The correct variable is "Kitchen_PW_Sum" and it is Hub Variable
because it is used in multiple rules.

Rule is corrected and i am sure, error will go away:


Somehow this "PR_Sum" variable appeared during update plus DB conversion.
It did not exist in my original rule before the upgrade was applied.
But incorrect variable conversion is a very different story.
I will watch for another possible cases like this.

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